First Jobs—Another Forever Memory

Just days after posting my last blog on the “forever memories” associated with first loves, an email arrived in my inbox suggesting that forever memories are associated with another first as well: first jobs. Immediately I knew the premise was true. Who doesn’t remember their first job?

The stretched subject line of the email queried: “Think back to your first job. What do you wish you’d known?” When opened, the email featured an article, written by President Barack Obama, titled “Here’s the Scoop. Why My First Job Mattered.”

(Spoiler Alert…he worked at Baskin Robbins.)

I always ask clients about their first jobs. First bosses. First hourly rates. First paychecks. Whether we go on to serve as doctors or moms or U.S. Presidents, most of us can’t help but smile when we recall that very important first in our life and the pride we felt for being paid what today amounts to pennies per hour.

In a life story that undoubtedly contains some tough periods, it’s amusing to look back at where we started when our sole financial goal was to have money for a soda or movie. First jobs, unlike first loves, usually end without heartache. When we’ve had enough of scooping ice cream, when we’re ready to step one rung higher on the professional ladder, we move on. First jobs are usually pretty simple.

My husband earned his first paycheck as a Turkey Tucker. Yes, a Turkey Tucker. Bulky, frozen turkeys were tossed down a funnel-type machine and my husband retrieved them one at a time and squeezed together the icy legs of the icy turkey into a metal contraption. Sounds glorious, doesn’t it?

Check out these other funny first jobs:

  • Pope Francis: Nightclub bouncer
  • Mitt Romney: Chauffeur
  • Elvis Presley: Truck driver
  • Marlon Brando: Ditch digger
  • Bill Gates: Congressional page
  • Oprah Winfrey: Grocery store cashier

When you work with a personal historian or write your own memoir, remember to spend a few paragraphs on your first job. What were you paid (you have to include this!)? What were your responsibilities? How did you spend your first paycheck?

My husband remained a Turkey Tucker for one week.

How did you do?