The Heart of Your Story

Matt was jumping up and down. That’s what I remember most from my wedding day.

I had just emerged from the bride’s waiting room and the ceremony was about to begin. Matt and I hadn’t seen each other since the night before. Secluded away in the tiny parlor, I had no idea of the reception hall scene or of Matt’s state-of-mind in these hours leading up to our big moment.

And quickly, upon entering the larger hallway, my eyes found him. Amidst a serious-looking wedding party, there he was, jumping up and down in delirious excitement. His face, oblivious to my gaze, radiated total elation.

What followed was amazing. The nuptials, the dancing, the pictures. All the joy you’d hope for in your wedding day. But what I recall again and again was the moment when I spotted Matt jumping up and down.

And that’s the memory, when I write my life story, that I will share.

When you think back on your life, what do you remember most vividly? The scenes that come to mind may not be the “big moments” – when you said, “I do,” when you left home for the first time, when you first heard the word, “cancer.” Often the most significant, illuminating memories come from the most unexpected snapshots.

These are the snapshots you want to highlight in your book. These are the snapshots that are the heart of your life story.