Evan’s Life Story – It Deserves to be Told


My son told me he wanted to write his life story when he was six. This was years before Leaves of Your Life existed, or was even considered, but I thought it was a fabulous idea. We found a large piece of poster board and a thick black magic marker, and Evan got to work.

With the language and spelling of a first grader, Evan shared the most important details of his life thus far: the names of the people and pets in his family, his birthday, what he was for Halloween. A la Oprah, he listed his favorite things (elephants, ice cream, The Magic Tree House book series). He wrote of his accomplishments (five trophies) and even bragged a little (I once had $100). He admitted that the tick was his least favorite animal.

Many of us can relate to Evan’s wish – we want to convey the truth of who we are and the path we took to get here. Whether we’re six or 96, we all wish to reflect, to discover, and to share.

Evan knew what many of us have forgotten: Our lives are important, our experiences matter, our stories should be told.

Are you ready to tell yours?