Your life, your book

Writing your life story is an exciting venture. We’ll talk and visit many times throughout the process, and by the time your book is printed, we’ll be good friends!

This is how it works:

·         First, with no obligation, we meet. I come to your home and explain my philosophy and approach. I provide you with materials to help you remember key moments in your life, understand how these moments fit together, and prioritize the stories you wish to tell. I also share a little bit about my life with you.

·         From there, I give you time to read through the materials I leave behind and reflect on your feelings about moving forward and working with me. For this project to be successful, you must be an enthusiastic subject and you must be comfortable with me as your partner. It truly is that simple.

·         From there, we discuss rates and schedules.

·         And then the real work starts. While it varies from client to client, we typically meet on two separate occasions (generally for a total of four hours) to discuss your life. I come prepared with questions and guide you along the way as you tell me your story – from your earliest memories to the present day*. We meet twice to allow you time to tell your personal history in stages, catch your breath, and recall forgotten gaps.

·         Next I write. You may receive a periodic phone call or email from me to clarify an event or sequence, but now the ball is in my court. Writing your life story becomes my priority.

·         When a draft is complete, I send you a full copy in the mail. You have a chance to make edits or add missing pieces.

·         I then revise and send a second draft to you for your final okay.

·         Next it’s off the printer.

·         Finally, I present you with a hard-cover book.

Congratulations! Your life story is complete.

*Please note: Some clients prefer to focus on a specific time or event in their life, rather than their full history. We can also develop a “pocket memoir” – or an abbreviated version of your story.